Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pushing on thru September

The Afton Station morning began quietly, so to keep myself occupied I started to do a little writing, with plans to post the results here tonight.  However, the day got so busy later that I had to stop writing to tend to all the visitors, and now I'm too tired to transcribe and post what I wrote.  Stop back tomorrow, when I hope to have time to put it up here.  It's nothing special, just  those thoughts that go through a person's mind when one is alone, probably more than any of you want to hear, and certainly in the category of a meme.

Meanwhile, here's what actually happened today on Route 66.  I had 27 visitors, and I thank Betty for coming by after church and helping out.  Tomorrow is the birthday of both Betty and Tattoo Man (no, they're not twins... LOL) but we're not going to celebrate at the Station until Phil and Robin are home from vacation.  

Visitors came from Springfield MO, Mississauga Ontario Canada, Cambridge England, Green Forest AR, Fort Wayne IN, Aukland New Zealand, Grove OK, Phoenix AZ, Kansas City MO, Edison NJ, Geneva Switzerland, and Toreno Italy.  

This group of guys with an interesting array of do rags on their heads came by motorcycle from Fort Wayne, IN embarking on a Route 66 trip to the west.  The fellow in the red t-shirt has the distinction of being the first person, in the 9 years I've been open for business, to try to bargain with me on the price of an item.  I told him he lost his chances by wearing that Boston shirt. I'm a NY Yankee fan!  :-)
 I'm still batting 1000 when it comes to spotting honeymooners.  When asked, this couple from Cambridge, England admitted that they are indeed newlyweds.  Congratulations,  James and Joanne, and have a delicious and romantic trip across the Mother Road!
 Kiwis!  My favorite!  Here are four jolly travelers from Aukland.  I told them I am convinced that half the New Zealanders in existence have passed through Afton Station.  Keep 'em coming... love those Kiwis!
I had closed completely when a couple from Italy pulled in, so I partially reopened for them.  Thus I got a slightly late start on the road home to Tulsa and I'm looking forward to a quiet evening alone!

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