Thursday, September 27, 2012

Take that, Marly!

Marly tried to tell me that I had a bad day on Tuesday because his magnetic personality draws in more visitors than I do.  Today proved him wrong!  I had a very good day at Afton Station, and he was nowhere around.  So there, Mr. Marly!   :-)

Visitors today came from an array of states:  Cassville MO, Upper Marlboro MD, Carrollton TX, Atlanta GA, Portage IN, Conshohocken PA, St. Louis MO, Ashville NC, Grove OK.   We also  had three separate couples from England, from Yorkshire, Weymouth, and Essex.  

This couple from Upper Marlboro, MD seemed excited about their trip, but they weren't traveling specifically on Route 66.  In fact, the wife was taking this vacation to add to her list of "states visited".  I believe she said she's been in 37 states and won't stop until she hits 50!   Since I once had that same goal (and achieved it about 10 years ago), I was excited that she was pursuing it and having fun doing so.  Husband didn't seem quite as enthusiastic, but he enjoyed looking at the cars and the station.  
 This couple from Weymouth, England told me that their city was host to the yacht races during the London Olympics and they were able to watch from a nearby cliff.   Wow, how cool!   They're driving America's Main Street from Chicago to L.A.
 So is this couple from Yorkshire, England.
Sandy Reynolds who, with her husband, is opening the new Barbecue and Beer restaurant in Afton, stopped by.  As  you know, I've been wildly excited about this, since Afton downtown is in dire need of a good place to eat. Sandy came in to introduce herself today and told me their opening was delayed by the need to add another restroom to the premises.   It should be open in another month, however.  I promised to give her some of my postcard images of old Afton so she can enlarge them and use them on the walls of the restaurant.

Another interesting visitor was a fellow from Grove who grew up in the Afton-Vinita area about 70  years ago and had many extremely interesting stories to tell.   All in all, it was a great day and the time passed so quickly that at the end of the day I realized I'd never put out the flags!

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Trevor Hilton said...

You should punish Marly by making him wash and wax ALL of your cars! :)

I'd like to visit all 50 states, too. I've been to 12. I'm not counting the ones in which I was just at the airport.