Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Brutal is just about the right word for today at Afton Station -- brutally boring!   After Marly's great day yesterday, with 32 visitors from Australia, British Columbia, Norway, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and a number of closer locations, we had a grand total of 7 visitors today -- and two of them were just looking for directions!  When I texted Marly to tell  him what was happening (or not happening), he replied that it may have been his magnetic personality that drew all the folks in yesterday.   Yeah, right, Marly!  :-)

This was our lowest day since the spring, and I don't think I'm going to like days like this when more and more of them begin to occur as we move toward winter.   Both Ron M. and Tattoo Man were with me all day.  We spent our time reading, nodding off, talking, reading, nodding off, more talking... and complaining about where all the travelers might be on this pretty Tuesday.  

We did have a lovely visit from a couple from Waterford, Wisconsin, accompanied by their amazingly well trained dog, Gracie.  Gracie wouldn't even consider taking a treat from my fingers until her master put her through some commands that demonstrated her puppy politeness.  Loved this dog!
Other than the people looking for map guidance, our only visitors were two truckers from Nashville, Tennessee, and a gentleman from Padua, Italy who seemed to be in a hurry to get where he was going.   That's never very satisfying, although he was a nice guy and we wished he could have stayed longer.

There was a pretty cloud formation just as the sun was coming up this morning, and here it is.  Now I'm going to go and sulk and hope that this day was just a fluke, and that more busy days are coming in the next month or two.  

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