Sunday, September 9, 2012

On Truck Watch

I was looking forward to a large Route 66 vintage truck convoy that was supposed to be passing Afton Station today, so I was on truck watch all morning.   Early in the day, a beautiful vintage specimen pulled in, so my hopes were fired up.  
The owners, from Kendallville, IN were super people, and they won my heart when they said that of all the stops on the tour thus far, Afton Station was by far the best.  I was even more flattered when they showed me this photo of their place in Indiana.  Wow, what a wonderful restored Shell station!  And I believe he said they have over 40 vintage gas pumps.   I am humbled.

 I saw a couple more vintage trucks go by but they did not stop, and then in pulled this incredible 1956 Greyhound bus, also a part of the convoy!   Have I ever told you how much I love old buses?  I'm a huge fan, and some day I'd like to own one myself.   When the owner of this one found out that Afton Station was once a Greyhound station, he took some photos with it in the background, but he couldn't stay long because he was having diesel trouble and couldn't turn off the engine.  But just getting to see this beauty was enough to make my day.
Two more owners of vintage trucks stopped and came in very briefly.  One indicated that some of the convoy members were talking about getting on the interstate.  I think he was right, because after about noon, I never saw another one.  Kind of a bummer, but at least I met some very nice people and got to drool over the Greyhound. 

Tattoo Man and Betty were both with me for part of the day.  There were 31 visitors, and they came from Toronto Canada, Kendallville IN, Baraboo WI, Chelsea OK, Buffalo NY, Bisbee AR, Longmont CO, Sand Springs OK, Gillespie IL, Irvine CA, Melbourne Australia, Lake Lindon MI, Iowa City IA, Paraparaumu  New Zealand (say that three times fast!), and Fairland OK.  

We visited with a honeymoon couple, so of course I had to take their photo for the blog.  The couple, who live outside of Buffalo, NY,  were married a while ago, but this Route 66 trip is their delayed honeymoon.  Congratulations to them!


Trevor Hilton said...

That truck and bus both look good. Unfortunately, those other cruisers just don't know what they missed by bypassing you.

Unknown said...

I know it's a old blog but I love the greyhound. Scenic cruiser there were only 1000 ever built and last I heard less then 100 were still road worthy I would love to find a complete one I love how you make sure you keep history alive rember always get your kicks on Route 66