Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Birds!

 For the past couple of years, whenever I go to breakfast at a certain place on a specific corner in Tulsa, I've been nearly deafened by the loud and intense chirping of birds.  Since they're so constant, I even thought that perhaps the sound was taped and played for a touch of atmosphere.  Because until this morning I had always been there in the dark (thanks to my early rising habit, y'know), I was always kind of spooked by the sound. But this morning I arrived just after sunrise, and here's what I saw.  And this photo shows far fewer than the number of birds that were actually there!  I wasn't dreaming after all.  Those wires must be their regular resting place.  I wonder why.
 This was a quiet day on Route 66, at least on my part of it.  The day was near perfect -- sun, light breeze, temperatures in the high 70s.  People were traveling, but not in huge numbers.  Betty and Tattoo Man were both here for most of the morning, but the majority of visitors came after they left.

Martin and Alison from Bristol, England are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on Route 66 and made these beautiful decals to commemorate their visit and to distribute to folks along the way. Great idea!  It was so nice meeting them and I am proud to be the recipient of one of the stickers.
   When Stephanie and Stephan from near Paris, France saw our ailing Citroen in the work room, Stephan went to their car and brought in this cool Citroen model, which he gave to me!  Sweet!
 The rest of our visitors for the day came from Henderson TX, Wetumka OK, Jackson MI, Miami OK, and Bigo, Spain.

The folks from Wetumka traveled to Afton today specifically to visit us.  They had heard about Afton Station via an article in this week's Old Cars Magazine.  In an article by Jim Hinckley, we were named as one of five great auto museums to visit.   Since Jim happens to be a friend, I suspect our inclusion on the list was charged with just a bit of prejudice.  Nevertheless, national publicity like this sure can't hurt!   Thanks, Jim!


Susan Yates said...

What a pleasant surprise--usually travelers collect souvenirs. Some who visited you today distributed them!

Trevor Hilton said...

Reminds me of a certain Alfred Hitchcock movie. So don't provoke them.
I've seen hundreds of birds congregate in certain areas of OKC, too. I don't know why they only choose certain areas.