Thursday, September 13, 2012

Interesting Assortment

There was nothing ordinary about today at Afton Station.  For one thing, after a few days of me being all alone at the Station, today Marly came and stayed all day.  It was great!  Unfortunately, he didn't get everything done that he'd set out to do insofar as fixing his riding lawn mower, but we sure had a nice time chatting all day.  Yesterday, he visited with a nice group of visitors from Denmark, Virginia, California, Arkansas, Sweden, Germany, and Italy.  Maybe he came back today because he had so much fun yesterday.

Today, along with the usual assortment of townfolks looking to borrow money (and incidentally,  there's no such thing as "borrowing" money in Afton, as the rate of return is near zero) we also had visitors from Calgary Alberta Canada, Piedmont OK, Chicago IL, Paris France, and Birmingham England.

Here are the wonderful folks from Calgary.  They're traveling across Route 66 in two small sports cars.  One is a Shelby repro and (o my!) has no top!  I don't mean that the top was down, I mean they came all the way from Western Canada with no top at all!  So far, they've been lucky when it comes to rain, but from what I can see of tonight's weather maps, they're going to hit some pretty heavy stuff in the next couple of days.  They seem unfazed by this problem, and I liked them for that.  It's best when traveling to just take situations as they come and not sweat the small (or medium sized) stuff.  I wish them well.   
Unexpected special guests today were Blaine Davis and his friend Linda from Catoosa, OK.  Blaine has been the custodian of his family's famous iconic Blue Whale for years and years, and he's also a huge Route 66 advocate who has been doing good works for Oklahoma's part of the Mother Road for as long as I've known him.  Today, he and Linda were doing research moving toward soliciting of corporate sponsorships for some of Oklahoma Route 66 Association's future projects and activities.  It's always so nice to see Blaine.   And here he is with Linda.
  Ho hum... another sunrise.  Sorry, I just can't resist. . . .