Saturday, September 29, 2012

Robin and Phil Return

Robin and Phil are back from their 3-week vacation in California and on Route 66.  It's so good to have them back!  They look tan and rested, although I did catch Robin with her eyes closed in this photo.  Sorry, Robin!  And of course that's the new, svelt Ron M. in the background.  The family has reassembled.
It was quite a nice day at Afton Station today.  We had 19 guests, and they came from York PA, San Rafael CA, Dallas TX, London England, Galway Ireland, and Grove, Monkey Island, Ketchum, and Vinita, OK

We almost closed too soon and missed these two adorable cousins from the U.K. -- one from Galway, Ireland and the other from London.  Such nice smiles, so interested in everything, and with such positive thoughts about their Route 66 holiday.  They're having a great time.  If we'd left just a few minutes earlier, we would have missed a pleasant visit with them.
 One of my regular visitors, from Ketchum OK, came in at the end of the day, too.  He had his grandson with him.  The young man pressed a penny, and then immediately demonstrated his abililty to balance it on his nose.  When they went out the door, he was still balancing it!
 Our first visitors of the day were from York, PA.  Although they've had a couple of bad experiences with motels, for the most part they're enjoying their Mother Road journey.   She's been planning this experience for a couple of years, and he's getting the hang of "66ing" as they go along.
We will soon be temporarily housing a 2003 Thunderbird with a ridiculously low mileage (I believe he said only a couple thousand miles).  Why?  It's being auctioned off by Har-Ber Village, a local Colonial village tourist attraction to which it was bequeathed in a will.   They needed somewhere to display it so that potential bidders can come and see it prior to the auction.  David agreed to this, and I like it because it will probably attract more people to the Station.   Anybody want an extremely low mileage Tbird?


Susan Yates said...

Yeah! Ron!! And doesn't he look good?!

Laurel, I'm wondering, do you think you flashed back to your days before moving to Oklahoma when you called Har-Ber Village a Colonial village?

Mike said...

Ron M. is but a shadow of his former self.

Laurel said...

Yes, Ron does look great and he's feeling better each day.

Susan -- I called it "colonial" because I have no idea what else to call it. What do they call that period of history here in Oklahoma? It seems that Har-Ber Village is actually a mishmash of several historical periods. Would "territorial" work better? Leave it to you to ponder my use of a term. Ha ha!

s said...

Looks like Oklahoma Tourism and the dozen other sites I checked have taken their lead from the official Har-ber Village site, all referring to it as the largest "antique museum" in the country. I think your suggestion of "territorial" comes close to the period. Maybe Indian Territory and Settlement from 1889--or something. In school "Colonial Period" means pre-Revolutionary War. You can say a lot of things about the removal of tribes from their homelands that placed them in Indian Territory, but don't think "colonial" is one of them.

Susan Yates said...

I didn't mean to hide my identity when posting the comment above. Just working so hard to decipher the cryptic robot-busting code I accidentally sent this while typing in my name!!!