Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crazy Busy

What I thought might be a dud of a day turned into an incredibly good one.  Never mind the morning drizzle and the dark, gloomy atmosphere.  It didn't prevent a lot of people from cruising Route 66, and a good number of them stopped at Afton Station. There were 42 altogether.   Twenty-one of them were from the Tulsa 'Vette Set which, if  you didn't figure it out immediately, arrived in a glorious parade of Corvettes.  

Coincidentally, just as the 'Vette folks were touring my showrooms, a fellow walked down the street wearing stilts, the kind that guys wear when they're working on ceilings or high walls.  Being far pushier than I'd ordinarily be, I thrust my camera into his hand and asked him to take photos of the parked Corvettes from his lofty perch.  He was most happy to do so, so here are a couple of 'Vette picks taken from above.
Here's the whole happy group!
 And here's the willing photographer, shown with his son.  He's Chad Jones, and he was taking a little walk during his break from working on a building down the street when I pressed him into service.
Betty came for a visit and stayed for several hours.  So did Tattoo Man, sporting three new tattoos. This is the first one on his neck, but it's number 117 altogether.  The other two are his parents' names, birth dates, and death dates, one on each wrist.
We had a meeting of the Aussies today, too.  Three Queenslanders all arrived near the same time, and although they didn't know each other prior to their meeting at the Station, they had a long conversation about their experiences in the U.S.  Here they are.
The two on the right, I discovered, are on their honeymoon.  So I wanted to take the traditional honeymoon photo of them.  Sean and Nicky seem to be a very happy newlywed couple, and they're truly enjoying their Route 66 wedding trip.
David and Sylvie came by with Sylvie's nephew from Bordeaux, France and his friend from Paris.  They're launching out on a Route 66 adventure, so I gave them a guidebook and a few tips for the road.  They seemed excited about the impending adventure.
 There were plenty of other visitors, too.  They came from Toronto Canada, Miami OK, Waterford MI, Higginsville MO, Champaign IL, and Tulsa OK. Marly helped open and close, thank goodness, because I'm ready for some down time.   Great day but tiring!


Trevor Hilton said...

Does that make your photographer the first person to cruise 66 on stilts?

Laurel said...

No! Check out my post for April 25, 2010!

Becky said...

Love Sean and Nicky! I had the unexpected privileged of chatting with the two of them Thursday night. We talked and talked about Cars Land! I'm so glad you got to meet them!

Laurel said...

Yes,Becky! They told me they met you and you told them to come and see me. So glad you did! They're such nice people... and so are you!