Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Memories of Buffalo Ranch

Several weeks ago, we had a visit from some friendly folks, the Gaines family from Liberal, Kansas. In the course of conversation, we talked about the sadness of the demise of Buffalo Ranch. Carol Gaines recalled that she had some photos taken at the trading post when she was a kid. It was one of her family's favorite roadside stops. Today, in the mail, I received copies of these photos. How nice of Carol to send them. I'm trying to collect as many old photos taken at Buffalo Ranch as I can find, with a possible book or essay in mind. Thank you so much, Carol, for taking the time and effort to copy and send these gems!

This one is Carol's sister on the stuffed horse in 1955.
And here is Carol on the stuffed buffalo in 1967.
I haven't heard from either Marly or Tattoo yet today, but I am assuming that the motorcyclists from Norway arrived at Afton Station in a timely manner and that the visit was enjoyed by all.

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Bill and Karen said...

I also am wondering how they made out. We left Joplin MO this morning heading for Gary Turners Sinclair Station in Gay Parita and it poured rain all the way. I can't recall a time when I drove in a worse downpour. It would not be pleasant if the motorcyclists had to drive through what we did in our car.