Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lazy Saturday

It was fairly quiet at Afton Station until later in the afternoon, so Ron M. and I sat outside enjoying the cool breezes except when visitors came to call. We had plenty of time to indulge in our new favorite Afton entertainment -- watching the dismantling of the collapsed building across the street. Scenes like this were common all day.

You might want to hike up those pants, man!

At the rate that the project is progressing, I think everything should be hauled away by early in the next decade. They're some hard workers, though!

Most of our 24 visitors were somewhat local today, with the most distant coming from Austin, TX. We also met travelers from St. Joseph MO, Grandview MO, Arma KS, and the following Oklahoma cities -- Glenpool, Monkey Island, Claremore, Catoosa, Miami, Fairland, and Sapulpa. It was such a beautiful day that I think I expected a bigger crowd, but almost half of the visitors arrived within a half hour of when we had planned to close. As a result, we didn't get closed up and on the road until 45 minutes late.

Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker, Robin and Phil, and Betty W. also paid visits.

With not too much to do, Ron M. snapped a number of random photos today. Here are two of them.

A closeup of our little "diner clock"

Here's a closeup of a very attractive Harley trike that came to visit today, ridden by a couple from Arma, KS.

Back with more tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Afton had a crack problem....But your revealing picture really tells the story.

Laurel said...

LOL, Anonymous! Unveil yourself.

Anonymous said...

Twas a photographer you know!!

Laurel said...

Ah, ok Anon.... of all the photographers I know, I'm guessing you're the one who photographs ghosts.

Anonymous said...

I try to capture those ghosts, but the bright Oklahoma Sun makes things mighty difficult!!