Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Cold Moves In

Ahhh, wonderful cool air! I love it! (Remind me that I said that, later this winter when I'm complaining about the icy weather. LOL) For today, it was refreshing, mostly in the low 60s all day. Today wasn't a great deal different from yesterday at Afton Station on Route 66. The visitors came in at about the same leisurely rate as yesterday, with a final total for today of 19.

This beautifully restored Corvair was driven by a couple from Illinois who had been to a Corvair meet in Tulsa. I've always liked the Corvair, despite it's bad reputation. David and I once had one, many years ago, and it treated us well.

Other visitors came from Utica MI, Kearney MO, Tulsa OK, Twin Lakes MI, Sand Springs OK, McHenry IL, Andover MN, Oslo Norway, and Flagstaff AZ. The Norwegian couple has a wonderful vacation planned for the next 6 weeks -- Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, San Francisco, and then the National Parks. They have both lived in the U.S. briefly in the past and spoke perfect English.

Ron M. was with me today. Betty W. stopped by to give me a local newspaper and some photos of her beloved Dairy Ranch to be made into magnets. Betty B. stopped by unexpectedly with a very welcome gift -- cheese jalapeno bread! Yum! Tattoo Man also stopped by on his way home from the Route 66 Festival in Springfield, IL, and David also came to bring back one of the cars that had been in a parade in Grove yesterday.

My daily viewer log shows that there has been a sudden drop in number of people reading this blog. Was it something I said? Am I getting boring? If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please please don't hesitate to add a comment or email me.


Trevor Hilton said...

I still check your blog daily. I don't always have something to say, but, I still like to see what you're up to.

Laurel said...

Thanks, Trevor. I know you're one of my most loyal readers. Glad to know there's at least one person I'm not boring!

Beth said...

I'm still here, but don't read every day...all at once after about a week. I also usually read in my feed reader, which means that you might not get the click-through.