Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crazy Day... Yippee!

This kind of day lets me know that the tourist season has definitely begun on Route 66. . . and at Afton Station. It's been a while since things got crazy in the morning and stayed that way most of the day. This was one such day. I had 26 visitors, and they came from Noel MO, Dearborne MI, Lincoln NE, Rock Island IL, and Miami, Tulsa, Adair, Spavinaw, Chelsea, and Grove, OK. They were young and old, relaxing on long vacations or rushing through one-day local trips, and one was even in a wheelchair!

There was more. A while back, David put a "Route 66 tour and Afton Station picnic" in a charity auction, and today was the day chosen by the family of 7 who won the auction for the payoff. So, in the midst of all the other excitement, Sylvie set up a buffet table and an eating table right in the museum and brought in some very good food for all of us to share. I thought it would be disruptive, but it was actually fun. The travelers who came in during the picnic just worked around it. It was a bit weird, but I don't believe anyone cared. The picnic

Auction winners examining a car


I stopped at the Doll Castle in Claremore this morning to check out what the girls were wearing for Easter. I wasn't disappointed. This is just three of dozens of dolls in their Easter finery.

Have a Happy Easter, all!

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Ken Riches said...

WooHoo, glad that the tourist are starting to come out of the proverbial woodwork :o)