Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday in Beautiful Downtown Afton, OK

Although it was a nice day at Afton Station today, I have no pictures to show you. I guess I just never found much to photograph!

Betty B. came to bring me a Route 66 tablecloth she made for me (gorgeous, of course!) and ended up staying all day. She also brought me a bottle of delicious Limoncello which she makes herself. I do believe I'll have a dollop of it with my dinner tonight. :-) She's such a nice lady and we had a good time.

I had 12 visitors today, despite the fact that it was dark and rained off and on all day. My visitors hailed from San Carlos CA, Denver CO, Louisville KY, and Grove and Chetopa, OK. The longer-distance travelers are finally coming out of the woodwork and onto the Mother Road.

Photographer friend Michael Scruggs also stopped in on his way to Tulsa. Marly stopped in to do a little work, and David and his family made a quick stop there, too.

We had some fun watching the goings-on around town. Although it was very quiet in Afton today, we did get to see a fine example of multitasking -- a young man in a pickup who stopped beside the building next door and (figuring he wasn't being watched, I guess) managed to relieve himself on the side of the building while using the cell phone with his other hand. (OK, so it doesn't take much to amuse us. We freely admit it. LOL)

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