Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The 12 visitors to the Station today came from 7 different states and one foreign country. I love that kind of variety! They came from Calumet MI, Sedan KS, Miami OK, Richmond VA, Bemidji MN, Omaha NB, Deport TX, and Nantes, France. The folks from France took one of the last planes out of Paris last week, just before air travel was suspended as a result of the volcanic ash cloud. They have two weeks before they fly home, so they were quite confident the problem will be solved by then. I hope they're right. They were a charming couple. I told them if they had any problems, they could always drive back to Oklahoma and I'd put them up for a while. :-)

Once again, I took no photos of significant happenings today, and yet I wanted to spruce up my blog post a bit, so I took a few pictures of the newer displays at Afton Station. Here are a new display of her works arranged by Betty B. on Sunday, and also my new display of the beautiful postcards by Gordo.


Mick said...

Where Do you get your Postcards printed?

Gordo said...

Love those blocks!!