Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 & Diner meets 66-to-Cali

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon! Met up with Dan Rice and his fiance from Santa Monica, CA. He's the fellow who founded and owns 66-to-Cali ( on the Santa Monica Pier, a fabulous (but way too small) booth that sells ONLY Route 66 items made in the U.S.A. Just like me! He's traveling Route 66 right now, and Jim Conkle suggested we meet when they got to Tulsa. Jim also set Dan up with a meeting with Larry Wofford of Route 66 Harley Davidson. Since I know Larry well and so does Ron, I invited him to join us, too. We had a nice lunch at the 5 and Diner (thank you, Larry!), then went upstairs to Larry's wonderful Route 66 museum above the Harley store. Route 66 is just one big strung-out family, and I mean that in a good way. :-) It was great to meet Dan and Jessica for the first time and see Larry, whom I haven't seen for way too long. Here are some photos from the event. .
Larry, Jessica and Dan at lunch at the 5 and Diner

Larry, Dan and Jessica with Route 66 Harley t-shirt

One of the showcases in the museum. The Buffalo Ranch painting is a reproduction of a painting done for us by Jerry McClanahan. That's our '48 Packard in front of Buffalo Ranch.
View from the museum down to the patio of the 5 and Diner. It's a beautiful repro stainless steel diner... and the food is great!

P.S. -- No blog tomorrow. I have to go straight from Afton Station to dialysis, since I can't go on Friday due to a couple of tours coming through. Back on Friday.

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