Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Field Finally Plowed

Today's sunrise
In the late winter, I decided to start snapping weekly photos of a certain field I pass on my way to Afton Station, just to document the process of crops growing. But, while all the other fields around it were being plowed and seeded, "my" field remained fallow and untouched. Finally, this weekend it was plowed and so I can continue my growth journal. I hope it's corn, but it could be soybeans or sorghum. All three are prevalent around here.

April 1 -UnplowedApril 13 - Finally plowed

The nice guys who work for the Town of Afton met me at the door this morning with a stack of magazines from 1935. They sometimes bring me cool things they find around town that they think I'd enjoy. They also found an old Avon perfume bottle shaped like a '30s era Packard. They also let me know that there had been some break-ins in town over the weekend. So far, we've been lucky. Our extensive security system must be working as a deterrent.

Betty, Marly, and David were all at Afton Station today, but the only actual guests were a lovely 88-year old gentleman who was born and raised in Afton (whose brain I picked for a while before he finally revealed that his wife had just passed away three days ago), and another gentleman who came in just to get some directions.

This curtain suddenly appeared in a window across the street and blew around all day. It eerily resembled something ghostly, or perhaps a woman's dress. The ghostly aspect of it were heightened by the knowledge that Dan Rice from Santa Monica has some photos he took of Afton Station at night a few weeks ago. They reveal some "ghostly orbs" which are indeed quite mysterious. I've asked him to forward the photos to me so I can show them here.
That's all for today.

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Trevor Hilton said...

Your museum might be haunted?


But, your station has been there a long time. And, northeastern Oklahoma has a VERY colorful history.