Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brad, Angelina Visit Afton Station

You can imagine our surprise when Brad Pitt, Angelina, and a couple of their kids showed up at Afton Station today! They're doing a Route 66 trip and we were first on their list of places they wanted to visit along the Route!

Now that I've got your attention. . . April Fool!!!!


Enough of that. There are many far more important and exciting things to report. For one thing, the "gang was all here", meaning that we had a full house all morning, with Ron M. Tattoo Man, Betty, Marly, and me holding down the fort. That was the good thing. The bad thing is that we didn't have a single visitor for the entire morning. However, as soon as everyone except Ron and I had left, the guests started arriving at an incredible pace, and by the end of the day we had greeted 15 travelers. They came from Wichita KS, Muskogee OK, Eden Prairie MN, Sapulpa OK,, Afton OK, Spiro OK and Sallisaw OK. There was also a family of five who were "homeless" since they're in the middle of a move from San Diego, CA to Peoria, IL. They didn't seem a bit bothered by traveling Route 66 with three small children and a car full of household goods. The moving van was a couple days ahead of them. They were having a great time, very relaxed, and taking advantage of the move as an opportunity to see the country. Here are their very cute kids taking a spin on the Chevy golf cart and checking out the scary snake box.

The couple from Sapulpa were doing a trial run for a car cruise/scavenger hunt which will take place in August. Afton Station is to be the site of the grand finale, so it should be fun. The other visitors were taking shorter trips of just a couple of days. We were almost 45 minutes late leaving the Station this afternoon because the people just kept coming in.

My sign is done! Marly delivered the sign today, and here it is. Actually, it's not quite finished. It needs to have the wheels removed and the sign planted permanently in the ground, since even though it's very big and heavy, the wind blew it down twice today. When we left the Station this afternoon, Marly was busy taking care of that problem. He also plans to make a removable "OPEN" sign to hang on the main sign. Thank you, Marly!
There are bathtubs behind us! Not sure why, but Forklift Man from down the street, put his inventory of bathtubs (???) just behind our back fence, on our property. Perhaps David made some kind of a deal with him, but I don't know the answer to this. Weird!

Bonus photo: Betty's little VW Beetle has some slick pinstriping. Check out her monogram!


Susie said...

That was NOT funny. :)
Glad you had some nice company though.
Hope to meet you in August. :)

Laurel said...

It wouldn't have been very funny if they'd really come in either, since they'd have had to pick me up off the floor! :-) I was actually quite happy with my "real" guests.

Susie said...

You are TOO funny.
:) Enjoy your Easter,

Laurel said...

Thanks, Susie, and Happy Easter to you, too! See you this summer1

Ron McCoy said...

Well, it COULD happen. After all, Brad Pitt was raised just up the road on Route 66 in Springfield, Missouri!