Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tulsa 66

I had some free time today, so I took a little jaunt on Route 66 around downtown Tulsa. Most sites on this stretch have been photographed to death, but I thought I'd share a few of the less well-known (and also probably less interesting) places right here within a mile of my house.

First, a couple of shots of progress on the edifice being built to hold the iconic Meadow Gold Dairy sign that was a landmark at 11th and Lewis for so many years. I've shown the building before, but now you can see that the structure that will actually hold the sign is going up.

Just down the road is a business that seems to be having trouble finding it's identity. Note that the name on one sign is different from the name on the other sign. This isn't a recent condition. It's been that way since I first started noticing it about 10 years ago. Oh well.... So, anybody need their teeters (or teters) swept?

The mural on the wall of the Goodwill Industries building in West Tulsa pays homage to Route 66, the oil industry, the United Way, and it's Red Fork neighborhood.
Finally, a shot of the skyline of Tulsa from Route 66, approaching from the East.

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Trevor Hilton said...

I can show you some intersting sites in Oklahoma City that would make some interesting pictures.

Come down for a visit some time.