Thursday, January 29, 2009

How I spent my '50s summer vacation

Yesterday's entries drew a pretty large response via comments and other emails, so since I'm not going anywhere for the next few hours, I've decided to continue the '50s theme. I don't want this to turn into a postcard blog, but during these winter days when Afton Station isn't open much, we might as well have some fun, right? So, let's begin with the Pocono Mountain Inn in Cresco, PA.... where, according to the sign over the bandstand, "Nothin' Beats Fun!". These vacationers certainly appear to be having fun rockin' out to neat-o '50s tunes, don'cha think?
On the other hand, if you were vacationing in the Catskill Mountains you could, according to the back of the postcard, "learn to paint in actually 1 hour!". And I know that's the teacher because he's the one with the beret! That must be where people learned to paint all those clowns which are now found in flea markets trash cans everywhere.

Should you prefer to have spent your Fabulous '50s vacation in St. Petersburg FL, you might have rented one of these amazing efficiencies at the Holiday Row Motel. I'm just a little curious, however, about those two ladies and the inflatable swan.....

This architecture is truly awesome and made me wonder if by good fortune it may have been preserved, so I did a little research. Of course not! Here's the new replacement at 17000 Gulf Boulevard, the Redington Beach Resort. Damn!
Meanwhile, if you chose to remain at home, you might have been interested in remodeling the kitchen. As inscribed on the back of the card, "Ted" at the Sears, Roebuck, & Co. in Moline, IL wanted to show you "beauty-bonded Formica" and modern birch cabinets. Way cool kitchen, if you ask me.

I have so many more of these windows into the past that I could go on for weeks and weeks. But I think it's time to get back to Route 66 matters, so I promise no more of this for a while (unless you beg -- LOL!). Besides, I have a long day of errands to run.


Mike said...

What better way to spend a winter's day than looking at some-might-call-hideous interior and exterior architecture from old post cards. Color me begging.


Ron McCoy said...

Your pics of the mountain vacationers immediately made me think of the film "Dirty Dancing" which, I believe was set in the Catskills. Guess you could learn to paint as well as learn to dance!


Beth said...

I love the architecture on the Florida motel! Note the palm tree going through the roof of the portico!

I was doing a little online browsing yesterday of a museum I read about in a magazine that was showing an exhibit of workplace posters. As I browsed, I saw that they have a collection of motel postcards and thought of you! I bookmarked the site, because there are a lot of really cool pictures for future blog use. I also found a lot of neat images on, where they have an extensive collection of vintage views.

So much good stuff, so little time to make blog entries! LOL

You know I love seeing your pictures, so don't hesitate to put them up here!

Love, Beth

P.S. My word verification is "addled." Hm.

Laurel said...

Mike -- I hear the begging. More will come in the future.

Ron -- Yes, that's the same sort of place as the Dirty Dancing resort. But the movie would have been kind of weird if it had been about sexy painting rather than sexy dancing. LOL!

Beth -- Postcards make great visuals for blogs and websites. I have 15,000 of them, so if you ever need anything specific, let me know.

Anonymous said...

How funny -- I looked at that dance-party postcard and thought: "That place looks familiar." Didn't make the connection until Ron mentioned Dirty Dancing. Perfect.

As for that kitchen: WAAAAAAAAANT.

Anonymous said...

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