Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President of the United States

I'm a big nerd. I tend to take photos of my TV screen on important occasions. I spent nearly the entire duration of Desert Storm taking pictures of newspersons with bombs going off behind them. I photographed my TV screen after 9-11. If I'd been old enough to have developed into the perfect nerd by then, I'm sure I would have spent days photographing TV news coverage of the JFK assasination. Today, I took about 30 grainy and blurry photos of President Barack Obama's inauguration. I like this one the best. He's waiting in the hall just before heading out to the balcony. On one hand, he looks like he's trying to surpress a smile. On the other hand, his obvious (and perhaps painful) awareness of the burdens that are about to be unloaded on his shoulders can be seen in his eyes.

I need to get a better TV and spend more time learning how to use my camera before the next national event occurs.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Laurel...from one geek to another, your best bet for clear images would be to have recorded it to DVD. Then, open the DVD on your computer and make a screen capture!