Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunny Sunday

With very busy and tiring days at Afton Station and a couple of big projects at home, I fully realize that my blog posts have been a little funky lately.  It's a matter of time -- something of which I have none! Nevertheless, I feel very committed to writing a blog post for every day I'm at the Station, and that won't end.  I'm pretty proud of my resolve to keep going with it for over six years now, which is hard for even me to believe.  Actually, I haven't had a day in nearly 10 years that something interesting hasn't happened at the Station, and I try my best to report on the events that happen there.  I have no intention of stopping, but please forgive me if some posts seem hastily thrown together.  Chalk it up to just plain exhaustion.

That being said, here goes yet another post about another busy and satisfying day on Route 66.  Our visitors were an interesting lot, coming from Berlin Germany, Cedar Rapids IA, Hershey PA, Sao Paulo Brazil, Cocoa Beach FL, Lake of the Ozarks MO, Mandan ND, Victorville CA, Gainesville FL, and Lindsey, OK.  Truly from all over the country, with Germany and Brazil thrown in for maximum interest.
Five folks from Brazil on Harleys are touring Route 66, and they were wildly enthusiastic about seeing our vintage cars.  One of them was heard to say it was the best car collection he'd ever seen.  Well, it's nice of him to think that, but maybe they should check out the Peterson Museum when they get to Los Angeles, or perhaps drop in on Jay Leno's collection.  That might just change their minds.  Ha ha.  In the meantime, I'll accept the compliment from these friendly and chatty folks.
The pressed penny machine was particularly popular today, with this couple from Hershey, Pennsylvania. . .
. . . and this family from Lindsey, Oklahoma.    Every member of the family of five collects the pennies and they indicated that  they have about 150 in their collection so far, with only two penny machines in the state of Oklahoma that they haven't used yet.  Even the tiny little girl was able to turn the crank, -- as long as Dad held her Curious George while she did it!

We had visits from Tattoo Man, Marly, and Michael Scruggs today, too.

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