Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun With Police Cruisers

We're storing a 1984 Ford LTD police cruiser at Afton Station for a while (for a friend), so today Phil and Marly had a little fun with it.  They were so good at posing as if being arrested that we began to wonder if perhaps they had some experience being frisked and riding in the back of a police car.  Hmmm......

 Once the fun ended, we got back to work greeting our visitors who today came from Excelsior Springs MO, Inver Grove Hts. MN, Oberbipp  Switzerland, Oak River MN, Burbank IL, and Fairland, OK.  Not a particularly busy day, but we  had some fun.

Here are the folks from Switzerland.
On the way to Afton this morning, we stopped in Miami to watch  the circus being set up for a one-day stand.  Interesting.  Those big structures behind the truck are what help to pull up the tent, which is the size of a football field.  I guess they don't make the elephants do that any more.
Sarah is here and there's really little time to blog, so this is all for today. More exciting details of life on Route 66 later.


Susan Yates said...

You remember elephants raising circus tents? How old ARE you? (Don't answer. We're the same age and let's not tell.)

Laurel said...

Well, I don't exactly remember the elephants putting up the tents, but it's not because I'm not old enough. I think I just had a limited number of circus visits as a kid.

By the way, Susan, we've had both a breakfast and a dinner at Maxxwell's while my daughter is here, and we're both still alive. Ha ha! Please let me know the final outcome of your recent dinner there. Our food was yummy.