Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dubby and Others

Guest of honor today at Afton Station was Dubby, a sweet little Boston Terrier puppy Betty is baby sitting for this weekend.  Three month old Dubby touched everyone's heart.  She was so happy just to cuddle contentedly in Betty's lap for over an hour.
And then, she made an instant friend with this gentleman from Edmond, Oklahoma who came to visit.
We had a great day today, as many are still traveling Route 66 in large numbers.  Our visitors came from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, E. Pachogue NY, Mandan ND, Ringtown PA, Marseilles France, Douglasville GA, Sarnia Ontario Canada, Aukland NZ, Madison WI, Warwickshire England, Rogers AR, and Tulsa and Claremore, OK.
These two fine fellows are from Marseilles, France.
It was fun to meet these two.  They're from Long Island NY, almost straight across Long Island Sound from my former home in Connecticut.  She even has friends from my former town.   But the most interesting coincidence was when he said they'd been in Tulsa visiting with his sister who just opened a coffee shop on 11th St. (Route 66).  Turns out Ron M. and I met his sister at a meeting a couple of months ago.  Small world!
These two guys were amazed to learn that we had visitors from their tiny home town of Mandan, ND just a week or so ago!   They looked in the Guest Book and established that the wife of one of them just might know the previous visitors!  More small world!  I love this kind of stuff!
Dave and Amber left this on our autograph wall.  I don't know who they are, but the guy is cute.
We drove past the Campbell Hotel on 11th St. in Tulsa on our way to Afton this morning, expressly to snap a picture of the brand new Maxxwell's Restaurant in the hotel.  I'm so excited about this cafe because it opens for breakfast at 6 a.m., which makes it possible for me to eat there every now and then.  They also serve lunch and dinner. The Campbell has needed a good restaurant for a long time.  It's a wonderful historic Route 66 hotel, with gorgeous rooms and other amenities, but really needed an eatery within it's walls.

So sorry to have missed the visit from Dries Bessels from the Netherlands and his group yesterday.  Robin and Tattoo Man must have done a great job of hosting them, however, because they left us a cannister of the most delicious Dutch cookies!   Thanks, Dries!


Susan Yates said...

I had dinner at Maxwell's last night (Wednesday). I was there very early, before 5:30 and the only guest for awhile. By 6 about half the tables were filled. I left a little before 7, about the time most people would be on their way to dinner, and I had the sense that there would be a full house before the evening was over. The space is pleasant. Not sure I want to evaluate the food or the service just yet. They still have a few kinks to work out with both, but I bet they will. I visited with the manager who came by my table and after talking for about 5 minutes sat down and continued to talk for another 10 minutes. He seemed invested in making Maxwell's a success.

Laurel said...

Thanks for the very helpful review, Susan. I look forward to trying it, especially for breakfast, which is my favorite "eating out" meal.

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