Thursday, September 19, 2013

Love Is In The Air

Over the years, we've greeted quite a number of visitors to Afton Station who are traveling Route 66 on their honeymoons, but I believe this is the first time we've met a couple who is heading for Las Vegas to be married -- via Route 66 of course.  Furthermore, they're from the Netherlands!   Following a lifelong dream, Roger and Kitty from Haastricht, Holland are having such a good time.   Oh, I fell in love with this wonderful couple -- so enthusiastic, so talkative, so aware of the charms of the Mother Road.  They don't want to be married by an Elvis impersonator or the like... just a simple ceremony in a small Las Vegas chapel for them.  They won our hearts today, and (Ron M. and I) wish them the very best in their life together.  
We arrived in Afton this morning to be greeted by a couple from New River, Arizona who drove back from spending the night in Miami in order to visit the Station.  Immediately thereafter, a group of six neat vintage cars pulled in -- a surprise visit from a group of 11 friends from Iowa, not a car club but just like-minded friends who needed a dose of Route 66.   Nice people, nice cars.

I was distracted and missed getting a photo of two very attractive young visitors, a couple from Beijing, China.  And rounding out the visits from foreign lands came yet another young, enthusiastic couple from Hanover, Germany.  Ron did manage to get a photo of them enjoying the pressed penny machine.
Five women from Tulsa dropped in near the end of the day.  They just needed a little day trip on 66 and ended up finding us via a magazine article.  Glad to have them.  There were also visitors today from New Bern, North Carolina and Grove, Oklahoma.

Robin is on a week's vacation and taking her place tomorrow and Wednesday is Rann Lee, a new recruit to my volunteer corps.  He's a great guy who looks forward to meeting and greeting travelers.  On Saturday, Marly is taking over because I have to give a presentation to a group in Oklahoma City.  And remember, we're now closed on Mondays.  That's the only Fall change in our regular schedule.
The moon was full and bright this morning.   Must be the love in the air. . .

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