Saturday, June 30, 2012

Veggies and Such

It was Veggie Day at Afton Station.  Oh yes, we had visitors too, but first let me tell you about the veggies.  First, Ron M. and I stopped at the Farmers' Market in Chelsea on the way to Afton and bought 6 quarts of blackberries and some tomatoes and green beans.  Then, on the edge of Afton, we ran across a farmer taking a huge load of corn somewhere (which we later found out was Tulsa) and we asked if he'd sell us some.  He said yes, so we bought 2 dozen (with 4 more thrown in free).   When we got to Afton, Robin gave us more tomatoes, hot peppers, and summer squash from her friend's garden.   And finally, at the very end of the day, Reuben and Colleen came in with another dozen ears of shucked corn, picked from their garden moments before.   It was an embarrassment of riches!   We shared everything with everyone, of course, but I still have a fridge full of wonderful summer fare.  And, I just inhaled three ears of corn!  Yummy!
Now, about our wonderful visitors.   Phil opened up for Ron M. and me, and soon after that Marly and Robin came in.  Somewhat later, Tattoo Man joined us.   Our first visitors were there very early, three folks from Pittsburgh, PA.

Then came this family from Oslo, Norway fortunately not suffering from the extreme heat, at least not yet.  I do feel sorry for those from the cooler Scandinavian countries who are enduring this 100-degree stuff.  Nothing was going to keep these hearty souls from enjoying their first Route 66 journey.
Next came a very good looking couple from Ireland, also not letting anything get in the way of their dream vacation on Route 66.  They'll be diverting to Las Vegas and San Francisco, so they won't be going all the way to Santa Monica on this trip.

Toward the end of the day I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my favorite guests, Dave Eames from Kansas City and his two tall, handsome sons.  They were passing through to visit family.  The first time Dave visited, he brought me the great metal and glass sculpture that still hangs in the front window of the Station.  He's a wonderful and acclaimed artist.  So great to see you, Dave.