Sunday, July 1, 2012

Groovy Guests

I don't have much to say today (do I hear cheering?), so I'll be quick.  We had a routine day at Afton Station, with only 16 visitors.  They came from Reedsburg WI, Claremore OK,  Spring Hill KS, Birmingham AL, Rich Hill MO, and Lawton OK.

These bikers from Claremore, OK recently moved to the state from Ohio and are just learning their way around Green Country.  They bought some insulators, enjoyed the car showrooms, and listened to some of Ron M's and my ideas about what to see on Route 66.
 This group of two couples from the environs of Paris, France seemed to enjoy our place to the max.  They were particularly amused and astounded that we own a Citroen 2CV.   They'd never seen one in the U.S. before.
This is a photo that Marly took the other day when we were visited by this gorgeous lavender Studebaker hauling an old teardrop trailer.  What a cool rig!  (I would have posted it earlier, but I had to figure out how to import it from my iPhone.  Duhh!)  And with that admission, I'm off to eat another corn-on-the-cob dinner.  I wonder if it's dangerous to eat too much corn????  
P.S.  We had just under 1,000 visitors in June, a new record.   Who says people aren't traveling??

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Ken Riches said...

Hope you survive the second day of corn, oh my!