Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lovely Chaos

Well, there had been 26 visitors to Afton Station prior to my departure one hour early, leaving the place in Phil's capable hands.  I wanted to get back to Tulsa in order to visit with Ron M. in the hospital for a while.  (I'm happy to report that he seems somewhat better, and he had even taken a walk in the hall before I got there.)  I just hope that the chaos that marked the day at the Station didn't continue while Phil was holding down the fort all by himself.

I must say it was lovely chaos, however.  For one thing, I topped an all-time high number of sales today.  Guidebooks were virtually flying out the door.  Can't complain about that!  And then there was the visit from a couple from Portland, OR in this beautifully restored '41 Packard.  We don't get a lot of visits from Packards, so its always a treat.   He's outfitted the interior with modern, more comfortable seating and air conditioning, but the exterior is original and lovely.  I'm sorry I didn't get a better picture of it.
 While they were there, another couple came in.  They're full-timers in their Airstream but hail from Chicago, IL when asked to name what they consider their home.   We were all chatting together, so I invited the two couples to pose together for this photo.  
 This family from near Basel, Switzerland arrived even before I did this morning!   Phil was already there but had forgotten his key, so all were waiting when I drove up just moments later.   They're enthusiastically vacationing on Route 66 and even though the two little ones weren't feeling up to par this morning, they managed to stay a while and the parents voiced their extreme appreciation for the Station and everything else they've seen leaving Chicago.  
Other visitors came from Edmond OK, Hamilton IN, Bella Vista AR, Long Beach CA, Sylmar CA, Cherry Hill NJ, and Brunswick NJ.  Adding to the fun were visits from Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones and Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker.  Never a dull moment when those two are around showing off their particular assets.  Near the end of the day, Emily Priddy and Ron Warnick dropped in as well.

I just got a call from Phil saying that the visitors keep coming in (and kept buying things!) after I left.  That 's what I like to hear!  I'm sorry I couldn't be there to greet them personally, but Phil is a great ambassador for the road so I'm sure they enjoyed their visits.

            Sunrise Over The Sewage Treatment Plant  (sorry, couldn't resist....)

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