Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cool Hot Day

We had plenty of visitors today, and a number came from foreign countries.  Our 27 guests dropped in from Oslo Norway, Sandefjord Norway, East Alton IL, Chartres France, West Monroe LA, Copenhagen Denmark, and Grove and Afton, OK.   Some kids from town came in to look around.  You can tell when it's summer vacation in Afton because the kids start to get bored early in July and we see a lot more of them at the Station.  We like it.   Betty was with me for most of the morning, which was very very nice.  Phil came in time to help me open and close, and Marly dropped in, too.   Ron M. is still in the hospital where his recovery is slow but progressing.

I don't intend to be very wordy today because I got home late and I'm tired.  Also, my WiFi is behaving badly and I fear I'll lose the whole post if I linger.  Therefore, here are a few photos, with not much explanation:
 These two ladies are traveling Route 66 from Chartres, France.
 And this family from Louisiana took a day off from lake activities down at Grand Lake to drive over and check out our place.  They were most interested in the cars and spent lots of time examining them.  Very nice family!
And finally, these guys from Norway are having a ball on the road.  They intend to end up in Santa Monica, and I do hope the heat doesn't get them before they get there.

I'll be back on Saturday!  Stay cool!

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