Tuesday, July 10, 2012

66 - 66 - 66 - 66

 What are all those 66s about?   They're about John and Karen from Noblesville, IN who are traveling Route 66 in their '66 Thunderbird to celebrate his 66th birthday and her loss of 66 pounds!  Don't you just love it?  A great couple having a ball on the Mother Road.
Here are two guys -- one from Tampa, FL (left) and one from Oregon, OH -- who are traveling Route 66 seeking the weird and unusual.  They found Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker in Kansas and me here in Afton, so I told them they'd already found the very weirdest of the weird.  Nevertheless, they plan to continue to Santa Monica and along the way they'll find goodies like a giant whale, concrete totem poles, a huge rabbit to ride on, and tepees to sleep in.  That made them happy!
 Here are two mother/daughter combinations from Peoria, Arizona.  They are also enjoying the wonders of Route 66.  It's so good to see moms and daughters traveling together, especially on Route 66.
 Our other visitors today came from Lucerne, Switzerland, England, Ireland, and Vinita, Fairland, and Grove OK.

This is an Afton stop sign which I photographed this morning.  No, that's not the back side.  That's the front!  There are many in this condition in town.  When I mentioned it to Marly, he said he doubted that it really mattered, since nobody stops for them anyway.  :-)   Even so, it seems that maybe something should be done about this potential hazard. Don't you agree?
 I visited Ron M. in the hospital this afternoon and he seems to be getting a little stronger.  We're all  hoping they'll let him go home soon, but it will probably be several more days.

Finally, another sunrise.  This morning's was so beautiful and unique that this photo doesn't come close to doing it justice.


Jen said...

I am glad to hear that Ron M. is feeling better. I hope he can get out of the hospital soon! They're certainly not fun places to be.

So far as the denuded stop signs...Afton Station bumper stickers? In red, of course. ;)

Trevor Hilton said...

Other strangeness those guys will find;
People stopping to see and photograph abandoned buildings.
People driving over rough, narrow pavement instead of a perfectly good interstate running nearby.
People eating at local resturants paying half again more than they could at the chain resturants.
And, strangest of all, enjoying every minute of it!