Sunday, June 24, 2012


Quiet.  That's what today was at Afton Station on Route 66 in beautiful (?) Afton, Oklahoma.   I'm assuming the heat (hovering at 100) was keeping folks from doing much sightseeing today.  There weren't very many locals out, and in fact all but two of our visitors were from quite far away.   Ron M. was with me today and Betty stopped in for a nice long visit.

These folks are Ronn and Jennifer Lynn from Nashville TN.   They are musicians (but of course they are... they live in Music City!) and if you'd like to hear Ronn's music, you can access it at  I coaxed Ron M. into posing with the couple because it seems that he's too often behind the camera and in front of it not often enough.
Here's a couple with two interesting stories.  He is a big time collector of Texaco memorabilia and has restored a vintage Texaco station in his home town of Weir, KS.    He also showed us a photo of the drug store soda fountain and counter that he bought and restored at his house.   It is a magnificent marble beauty.  Meanwhile, her story is almost more incredible.  She was living in an apartment building in Joplin, MO last May when the devastating tornado roared through town.  She was spared when her roommate fell on top of her, although the entire building was destroyed and 60+ people in the building lost their lives.  Clearly, she feels very fortunate, even though she lost everything she owned.   These were two very fine folks and we look forward to seeing them again soon.
The remainder of our visitors came from Roseville CA and Fallon NV (two friends taking their "bucket list" trip across the whole of Route 66), Benton KS, and Minot ND (another "bucket list" older man traveling solo across America in his beloved Cadillac).

Our autograph door is filling up fast.  We still need some very short people to fill out the bottom, but the top is just about full.  We are at the point when we need to think about what to do next!  

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Beth said...

Dang! We didn't do the autograph door! And I certainly could have helped you out with the "very short people" part. :)