Sunday, June 3, 2012

Calm, Cool, and Collected

CALM . . . a satisfying but not frantically busy day.
COOL . . . cool enough to not need air conditioning.  Door open, very comfortable.
COLLECTED. . .can't complain about what was sold or the funds I collected today.

All in all, a very satisfying day at Afton Station on Route 66.  The 20 visitors came in at perfect intervals so we were able to talk to everyone for at least a little while.  Ron M. was with me and Betty paid a nice long visit after she got out of church.

Our visitors came from Bakersfield CA, Bangalow Australia, Brevard NC, Buffalo NY, and Commerce, Tulsa, Marlow, Choctaw, and Miami, OK.

This family from Bakersfield, CA was in the area because the 7-foot-tall dad was receiving a Hall of Fame award from a local college for his prowess in basketball.  He had to duck to get in and out of our front door.   They were a very, very personable and nice family and showed a great interest in Route 66.  They were heading toward Oklahoma City to check out the wonders of the Mother Road.
 There was a call for help on our Route 66 Yahoo group yesterday from Mike Curtis of N. Carolina, a member, who is taking his 1937 Customized Ford across all of Route 66 and beyond.  He was experiencing problems with a leak in his custom radiator.   Several folks gave him advice.   Today he showed up at Afton Station!  The leak is still leaking and none of our "car guys" were around today, but Croc Lyle, one of our members from Amarillo, has promised to have a radiator fixer lined up when they get there tomorrow.  Meanwhile we had time to have a nice visit with Mike and Sharon.  Here they are with their true beauty of a hot rod.  They topped off the radiator with some of our lovely Afton water (which people don't drink, but apparently cars can survive it... ha ha), and went on their way.
The Aussies were, as usual, fun folks who are taking a lot of time to cross Route 66 and take in every possible iconic site. They arrived in a brand new Corvette which they bought in this country but probably won't take back with them because of the prohibitive cost of having it converted to Aussie standards.  He did say, however, that he owns about a dozen British sports cars, Jaguars, etc., and keeps them on his ranch.  I'd love to see that collection!   Lots of happy travelers today, and happy travelers make a happy Laurel!


Mike said...

Interesting - another Mike and Sharon combination traveling on Route 66.

Ken Riches said...

Loved the bit on the 7 footer. My dad was 7 foot, I am the runt of the family, and he always had to duck when going places. Thanks for the memories.