Saturday, June 9, 2012


 Today was filled with unique visitors to Afton Station.  Not that all of our visitors aren't unique, but some days we greet travelers with more interesting stories than others.

Tops on the list of unique and compelling stories is that of this gentleman from Yuma, Arizona.   His shirt  says it all.  He's 86 years old, a year older than Route 66, and  he's beginning a solo Route 66 tour, all the way from Chicago to L.A. on his motorcycle with sidecar.   There's a down side to this story, however.  While his bike was parked in the parking lot at the Chain of Rocks Bridge, his "file" was stolen.  The file consisted of over 20 years of research leading up to this trip, including important phone numbers and addresses, maps, and long lists of places he wanted to visit.  What a bummer!   It wasn't going to stop him from completing his lifelong dream however.  What a great guy, and so youthful for his advanced age.

(Warning:  He said that two other cars were broken into that morning -- at 8:45 a.m. no less! -- and they belonged to visitors from foreign countries.  What a sad way for those travelers to be greeted here in the U.S.  Keep a close eye on your car when you're at the bridge.)
These two fellows from Stutgaart, Germany were unique in their own right.  They, too, are taking the full Route 66 journey of a lifetime, and when last seen one of them was running down the street of Afton attempting to catch a photo of a passing train.
Those two pointy things sticking out of this couple's pack are the ears of Spiderman, a cute pup who, with his "people", is embarking on a full Route 66 vacation.  He rides comfortably ensconced on his perch, and he even has a blog where he reviews  the trip.  (The URL they gave me didn't work, but I'll try to find it.)
The rest of our 29 visitors came from Kansas City MO, Cincinnati OH, Yorkshire England, Prospect Heights IL, Neosho MO, Titusville FL, Harrison AR, and Tulsa, Monkey Island, Strang, and Spavinaw OK

In other news:  It was a very hot day at the Station today, but we survived all day without the air conditioning.  Tomorrow, we'll turn it on right away.  When Ron M. and I left for Tulsa after closing, the thermometer was reading 99.   Phil, Robin, and Betty stopped in for a visit.   I got word from Tattoo Man that his surgery was successful and he's resting comfortably.  He hopes to be back in Afton by Wednesday.   Today was Afton's official All Town Yard Sale, but it didn't affect us at all.  Word has it that it was fairly successful, however.

This morning we drove by the nearly-completed Route 66 Interpretive Park at 11th St. and Mingo in Tulsa. It's looking good.  The five concrete platforms in the photo will have bronze plaques affixed to them containing interpretive material.  A bit of landscaping and cleanup will make the park quite beautiful, with a lovely vista.  Check it out when you are in Tulsa.

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Ken Riches said...

What a shame about the break-ins at
Chain of Rocks Bridge, glad we were unscathed while we were there.