Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Case of the Missing Kiwis

Here's the first photo from my new camera.  Yes, I gave up on the old Nikon and went ahead and bought a new one.   Foolishly, perhaps, I bought another one just like the first.  (Sometimes I wonder about myself.)   Anyway, here's the first photo, taken this morning on Route 66 on the way to Afton.   No, the camera doesn't automatically tilt the horizon.  I do, when I'm trying to drive, snap a picture, and negotiate a bump in the road at the same time.  Sorry.
Further down the road, parked in front of the Holiday Inn in Vinita, I encountered seven huge "Andretti Motorsports" trucks and motor homes, beautiful squeaky clean vehicles, and the largest motor homes I've ever seen!  I presume the Andretti team is going to a race somewhere, and I envision the trucks full of gorgeous race cars.  If anyone can tell me more about this, let me know. 
 Afton Station lacked excitement today.  For most of the day I was alone, although Tattoo Man and Phil both came by for a while.  I only had 12 visitors, but I was expecting about 20 more.   Two charming gentlemen from New Zealand came in and said that the rest of their tour group was about 15 minutes behind them and would arrive soon.   Two hours later, when I left at 3:30, they still weren't there.  The first two guys said they would be there for sure because it was a scheduled stop on their tour.  Where did they go?  Did they unintentionally get on the Interstate?  Did someone have car trouble?  It was a guided tour with rented Mustangs.  I'm both mystified and disappointed.

Further guests came from Leavenworth KS, Commerce OK, Tulsa OK, and Berkshire, England.

Afton had an interesting visitor the other day, when the Barnum and Bailey Circus train rolled through town (but didn't stop).  I found this video on YouTube.  It's both monotonous and fascinating. Check it out.


I forgot to mention that yesterday was a huge day at Afton Station.  Robin and Phil were holding down the fort, and there were visitors from all over the world.  Quite different from today, to be sure.


Susan Yates said...

Thanks for including the video of the circus train. Train spotters do not seem to regard monotony in the same way as everyone else and you know, to get to see a Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus train and have a circus performer wave at me, I believe I could become an enthusiastic train spotter myself. What I'd really like to see is one of their "water stops" when they unload the animals between their destination cities and let the animals stretch their legs. To do that, I think would require some train chasing!

Ken Riches said...

Sorry the rest of the visitors did not show up. New cameras are always fun.