Saturday, June 16, 2012

From Wall Cloud to Zonnig Weer

Shortly after Ron M., Phil, Robin, and I arrived at Afton Station this morning, a huge and extremely ominous wall cloud rolled in from the west.   We scrambled to protect the Packard we'd just driven out of the garage, then stood in awe of the sky and wondered what kind of nastiness it would bring.   About 20 minutes later the cloud rolled right past Afton and the sun came out.  The day became, as a later Dutch guest informed me, a zonnig weer, which means "a nice day".  No rain, no hail, no nothing. 

From that moment on, it turned into a typical very busy Saturday.   Robin and Phil left to run errands, and Marly and Betty arrived to spend several hours with us as we greeted guest after guest.   
 This very pretty '36 5-window Ford coupe belonged to a couple from Brazoria, TX who intend to drive it all the way to Santa Monica on Route 66.   I'm sure they'll get stares everywhere they go in that beauty!

A number of our guests were either traveling to or from the big National Ford Shelby meet in Tulsa.this weekend.   Here's a great looking '68 Mustang being driven by a fellow from Siloam Springs, AR.
 Others were treating their dads to a day of touring and gawking at vintage cars.  After this family (dad on right, three siblings on left) are from Jennings, OK but were coming from a tour of the Coleman Theater in Miami.  After Afton Station, they'd be treating Dad to lunch at Clanton's in Vinita.
 Here are the two guys from the Netherlands who taught me how to say "nice day" in Dutch (see above).  They are from the Hague and are, like so many of today's visitors, planning to make it all the way to Santa Monica on Route 66.  
 Hard to believe from the photo, but these two "cowboys" are grandfather and grandson from Dundee, Scotland!   The grandfather was a hoot.  We loved him!  When he expressed an interest in seeing some Mustangs on his trip, we paired him with another gentleman from Missouri who had just come from the Ford Shelby event and he told the Scots exactly how to get to the meet and what to expect.  I love it when strangers meet at Afton Station and find things in common.
 The Red Door Autograph Project is going great guns!  I'm afraid we're going to run out of door space by the end of next week.  Everyone loves to sign the door, but since most of our visitors are normal sized adults, the lower portion of both doors needs more attention.  I told someone that we needed to be visited by a bus load of dwarfs!   Meanwhile, this young man from Baltimore MD, traveling with his dad for Fathers' Day, was caught in the act of defacing one of the doors with his name!
The remainder of our 31 visitors came from Hudson Falls NY, Edmond OK, Claremore OK, Parkville MO, Springfield MO, Australia, Frankfurt Germany, Valpariaso IN, and Austin TX.

Our popular long sleeved white t-shirts have been replenished.  The first batch virtually flew out the door.  And tomorrow we might have another surprise to reveal.   Think Pepsi.   See you tomorrow.


MissDazey said...

My oldest son has a Shelby. Not sure he is showing it in Tulsa this year, but I'm sure he went to the show. Has for years.

Ken Riches said...

That was an ominous looking cloud, glad it passed through.