Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hotter'n Hell!

Well, we're officially into the Record Breaking Heat season here in Oklahoma, "on the edge of the prairie", as Garrison Keillor would say.  Our little old Afton Station air conditioner is pumping out cool air as fast as it can, which is fine in some spots and marginal in others.  I feel sorry for travelers, but none of them seem to feel sorry for themselves, which speaks to the magic of Route 66.   The 20 brave souls who ventured out into the air thick with humidity and flirting with 100+ temperatures were from Dallas TX, Fayetteville AR, Norwalk IA, Port Noches TX, Vinita OK, Dortmund Germany, and Schilde Belgium.  

Marly helped out all day, and David, who is finally home from his vacation to Greece and Italy, came in for a while, too.  He leaves for his next month-long vacation on Sunday.  I got him caught up on everything happening at Afton Station in his absence.

Here's the couple from Belgium, looking forward to six weeks on the road.  I know they'll have a magnificent trip!
 This was today's sunrise on Route 66.  I guess I should have put it at the top of the post, but oh well.....
Finally, here's a picture sent to me by recent visitors, the Bachmans.  Very nice... and more to come!
 Short blog this evening, while I do some cooling down.


Beth said...

Our forecast here calls for some pretty warm weather in the next few days...I guess you're sending it our way!

Unknown said...

We really enjoyed visiting the Station and all of the friendly people

Mick said...

Raved all about you in todays post! Thanks again!