Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Star is (Not) Born

I venture to say that neither President Obama, Angelina Jolie, nor LeBron James have endured such a long interview this week!   OK, I exaggerate, but my time before the camera of Simon Cantlon and his crew of "The Motels of Route 66" seemed endless -- and, I might add, FUN!   The three-guy crew that showed up at Afton Station this afternoon at 3:45 p.m. (early!) were charming, industrious, and obviously committed to making their documentary perfect in every way.  I surely enjoyed spilling my guts to them in a half-hour stint before their camera.   They were interested in everything about my postcard obsession, my commitment to Route 66, the history of Afton Station, and even some unrelated subjects such as my erotic French postcard collection!  Oh my!  

It was a long day in Afton, but very much worth it just to meet Simon and crew.  When Ron M. and I finally left just after 5:30, they were still interrogating (oops, I mean interviewing) Tattoo Man in front of the Station.      I'm sure  he gave a great interview, and I have every reason to believe that "The Motels of Route 66" will be accurate and intriguing.   Loved meeting you, guys!
The rest of the day was exciting, too.   It was punctuated by a visit from the blogger whose blog has fascinated me for a long time , "Everyone Goes To Mick's" (  I strongly suggest you check it out.   Mick (from Iowa Park, TX) has, among many other things, erected the "World's Smallest Drive-In Theater" in his back yard!   This is more than just  a silly notion -- the theater is actually officially certified as the world's smallest!  And wait until you see his  house!   He visited today with his friend Patricia, and I really enjoyed meeting him after reading his blog for several years.
Dear sweet Reuben and Colleen Tipton dropped by with a cooler full of their fresh-from-the-field sweet corn!  Oh, I have been waiting for this moment!   This year, they actually shucked it for us!   Heaven on earth!   I shared it with Ron M. and Tattoo, but kept enough for myself to keep me happy for several days.   Thank you to my candidates for "Favorite Farmers"!    You have no idea what joy you have brought to my palate. Along with the fresh blackberries we picked up at the farmers' market in the morning, I built the most glorious dinner EVER!
 Some charming visitors from afar came to Afton today.  This couple from Lindau, Germany were two of them. . .
 . . . along with this happy couple from Wellington, New Zealand.    Since I had just seen a TV show about Welllington last night, I had much to discuss with them.   It must be such a great country!
To fill out a pretty spectacular day, we were visited by travelers from Excelsior Springs MO, Columbus OH, Springdale AR, Higginsville MO, Franklin OH, Rogers AR, and Lawrence KS.  There were 36 in all, and each and every one made me happy to be on Route 66 on this hot summer day!

ADDITION:   For those who might be interested in the company that interviewed me, here is the information:  "The project is being led by Emmy-nominated Simon Cantlon (Director/Producer) and Ryan Watt (Producer) with Memphis, Tennessee-based production company Paper Moon Films.  Also, Ron M. informed me that my interview took an hour, not a  half hour. No wonder I was so tired!


Beth said...

Sounds like a fantastic day, and I'm looking forward to seeing that documentary!

We've got a little while to go here before the corn comes on...I'm excited for it, too!

Ken Riches said...

Must have been fascinating to watch them get things set up, then to be the subject.

Laurel said...

Ken -- I'm starting to get used to it. These guys were a lot more efficient than a lot of the movie companies that come to Afton Station. Usually, it's a day-long thing, with all the setting up and breaking down. Nevertheless, it's always fun and interesting.

Mick said...

Well how about that! How neat, we had lots of fun gettign to stop by and say hello. Thank you again for the Postcard, in tommrows post (wed) I rave about you, the station and our route 66 Adventure be sure to drop over and see it!

Midday said...

More visitors from Lawrence, KS--hooray!