Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Red Door

This is my second go-round with this blog post.   Blogger chose to delete my first one after I had it all written.  I'm not happy!

However, today was such a fun day at Afton Station that I guess I can forgive my blog carrier this time.  Phil and I were both at the Station all day, and although it wasn't a particularly busy day, an idea from Phil made it interesting.  He suggested that we start letting people sign the two big red doors that lead to the auto showrooms. I immediately loved the idea, so the first visitor through the door got to be our first signee.  Here's the gentleman from Holden Beach, NC making the first autograph.  By the end of the day we were beginning to wonder if we'd fill up the doors before the month is out!  Everyone seemed to get into the spirit of the signing.  We hope to have it  turn out completely covered with signatures, sort of like Dawn's bathroom at the Rock Cafe or the dining room at Ann's Chicken Fry in Oklahoma City. 

Our other 16 visitors came from Zurich Switzerland, Greendale WI, Tarkio MO, Madison IN, Yorkshire England, and Miami, Jay and Vinita, OK. The two couples from England expressed surprise that more Americans don't consider a Route 66 vacation "the trip of a lifetime".  They said that all their friends have been extremely jealous that they are able to take this trip, which is akin to a world tour for them.  I think Americans are beginning to catch on to the wonders of the Mother Road, but the enthusiasm of foreigners can't be matched.

Here's the happy Zurich couple.  They, too, are so pleased to be on the Mother Road.
The sunrise was interesting this morning, and I like how it reflected off the hood of the car in this picture.


Ken Riches said...

Great idea on signing the doors. You may need to get a new set of doors made, then you can hang the others in the car rooms.

Laurel said...
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Laurel said...

You and Beth are going to have to come back and sign them some day!