Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm Late. . . For a Very Important Date. . .

. . . and that date is with you !    I had a dinner engagement last night as soon as I got home from Afton Station, so there was no time for a blog.  I know that none of you are hanging on my every word here, but I do like to let folks know why I'm not around.  (Dinner was wonderful, by the way!)

It was  yet again a very busy day at the Station.  Ron M. and I met and greeted about 25 human beings, more or less.  I think I lost track for a while.   Among them were cloggers, an Australian paintball pro, and a very jolly threesome of hirsuit gentlemen who are repeat visitors and who are always fun to have around.  Also, toward the end of the day, our friends Ron Warnick and Emily Priddy stopped by.  Emily is newly employed as a PR person for the recently (and beautifully) restored Hotel Campbell on Route 66 in Tulsa and she was delivering some rack cards for us to distribute at the Station.  Although the historic lodging is a bit higher in price than the average iconic hotel/motel along the Mother Road, it's worth every penny.  Check it out if you are in Tulsa.

These folks from Goldsby, OK dropped in on their way home from a clogging event in Arkansas.  The wives are the cloggers; the husbands are the clogger-watchers.   Very fun group!
 Here are the guys from N.E. Oklahoma that I've dubbed the Three Musketeers.  Two have been to Afton Station several times before, and the third is a newby.  They are always fun to visit with and they're true "car guys".
 The only other photo I snapped was of this lovely young couple from Tecumseh, OK.
The rest of the Sunday travelers who had the good taste to stop at Afton Station were from Prairie Grove AR, Miami OK, Higginsville MO, Bird Island OK, Marliton AR, Ashtonford NSW Australia, and Opdorp Belgium. The jovial Aussie was in this country for an international paintball tournement!  He owns his own paintball range in Australia, and what he told us about the sport was really interesting. Check it out at:

We will be opening Afton Station tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.  Yawn!   The Mother Road Rally is coming!!  It will be a long but great day, I'm sure.


Susan Yates said...

Okay, I'll bite--why are you opening at 7:30? What/who is important enough to get you on the road at 5-something AM?!!

Ken Riches said...

Hope the rally brings you lots of visitors.

Laurel said...

Susan -- It's a big motorcycle rally and they always come at that time, which is weird. I can't remember why they come so early, but it has something to do with their scheduling. As for getting on the road at 5 a.m. -- I have no trouble with that at all. I'm an early morning person. I even do my grocery shopping each week at 4 a.m.! I like to get things done early. So, even though I have to leave for Afton this morning at 5, I'm already awake and writing this at 3:30, after which I'll look for an all-night breakfast place.

Ken -- Thanks. I sure hope they show up!

DennyG said...

"paintball pro"?

Laurel said...

Denny -- His description of himself. Who knew??