Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Extra! Extra!

That stands for an EXTRA day at Afton Station today, and for some EXTRA photos from yesterday.  I was able to leave dialysis about 20 minutes early today and quickly drove up to Afton to visit with the folks from the Netherlands who were due to arrive at 1 p.m.   When I was about a half hour away, I got a call from the Station saying that the Dutch group had arrived early!  Oh, dear!   Fortunately, they were willing to wait until I got there -- and believe me, I was lucky not to get a speeding ticket.  

The leader of the group is Dries Bessels, a member of our Route 66 email group and to whom I've talked and emailed but never met.  It was lovely to finally meet him and his group.  In the picture, Dries is the fourth from the left in the back row.  Last year when he was at Afton Station he left me those great wooden shoes, although I couldn't be there to accept them in person.  This year, he gave me a pack of Dutch Route 66 Brand cigarettes!  How funny!  I don't smoke, but the pack will look great in the showcase. 
 The dash up to Afton after dialysis left me pretty exhausted so I only stayed for about a half hour then headed back to Tulsa, leaving the Station in the good hands of Robin, Phil, and Tattoo, who had driven over to see Dries, too.   There had been lots of other visitors by the time I left.

And now, some EXTRA photos from yesterday's onslaught of motorcycles.   There they are, all lined up... looking east and looking west.

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Ken Riches said...

Cool, lots of visitors.