Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time to take photos? No way!

This was an insanely busy day at Afton Station, so I really didn't even remember to take any photos. However, Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones brought along a wonderful photo of himself taken by Darleen Bitter two years ago when Tattoo was in Amboy, CA. I love her use of color on the black-and-white photo. This is also a perfect occasion to feature Ron on this blog, since besides being a loyal volunteer at the Station, he is a Purple Heart veteran of the Viet Nam war and deserves great honor and thanks on this Memorial Day, as do all veterans of all wars.

And now, while I still have strength in my fingers to type, here's the scoop on this madly busy day. Our visitors (all 62 of them) came from:

Colombia, South America
Bern, Switzerland
Bindslen, Denmark
Cypress, TX
Pine Bluff, AR
Mountain Home, AR
Owasso, OK
Shreveport, LA
Norman, OK
Guthrie, OK
Athens, AL
Chanute, KS
Edwardsville, IL
Sand Springs, OK
Del City, OK
Nowata, OK
Broken Arrow, OK
Miami, OK

Very early in the day, as I was opening up a group of 30 on motorcycles from Norway and Sweden roared up to the door. They weren't expected, but were very welcome. Their tour leader tells me that he plans to bring quite a few other tours to Afton Station this summer. Great news!

Route 66 email group friends Mike and Wendy from Shreveport, LA came bearing gifts. Mike is thinning out his Route 66 collection and donated some nice ash trays and a wall plaque to the Station.

Two very cute young women from Norway were driving Route 66 after having just graduated from Berkeley College in CA. They were lost when they wandered in to Afton Station, but were glad they found their way there nonetheless.

An older gentleman from Cypress, TX used to work at Afton Station back when it was the Eagle Service Station in the 70s! It's always fun to find out about the former life of this old place.

Toward the end of the day, three separate pressed penny collectors arrived at just about the same time. Just a coincidence, but it was pretty funny. There was an actual lineup at the machine!

Whew. . . I must stop now. I left the Station about a half hour late and now I plan to veg for the rest of the evening.


Ken Riches said...

Wow, 62, that is most awesome.

TheGYPSY said...

I have done the majority of Ron's Tattoos including the one featured in the photo above. Ron Jones is an all around great guy and I feel honored that he has allowed me over the past several years to let me use his skin as my canvas. If you ever get lucky enough to meet Ron in person it will be an experience that you will cherish always.

Skin Art Creations Tattoo Emporium
Independence, Kansas
(620) 331-5938

Laurel said...

So nice to see you here, Gypsy. I've heard a lot about you! You're right, Ron Jones is a great guy! Hope you'll visit my blog again soon.