Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!

Ah, I knew it would get here eventually. After a three-day spring, it's time for three months of unrelenting heat to descend on Oklahoma. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. (Well, maybe a little.) It was 92 degrees today, and around noon I finally gave in and turned on the Afton Station a/c. I did it for the visitors, not for me. (Ok, now I'm REALLY lying!) Saturday, the thermometer is supposed to hit 100. Just groovy -- not. So, up go the electric bills and, with luck, so do the sales of guidebooks and trinkets. Doubtful that we'll ever make any money at this place, but that's not what we're really here for. We're here to meet and greet travelers, help them along the way, and keep them reasonably cool during the time they're here.

The Route 66 Pulse is here! The Route 66 Pulse is here! Jim Conkle, the Editor, dropped off several bundles yesterday. Once again, it's a great issue full of good information and some fine stories of life on Route 66. Jim will be back through Afton on Thursday, and just might be bringing us an exciting surprise. More on that later. It's always great to see Jim and hang with him for a while.
It was a fairly slow day at the Station today. Betty B. stopped in briefly this morning and brought some cool denim shirts she made, and which will be available at Afton Station until they're gone. They'll also be available at her booth at the Tri-State Festival, I think. I'll take a picture of them on Thursday. Ron M. helped out today too, despite feeling a little rocky. There he is, checking out The Pulse.

All 10 visitors today came from quite far away -- Walden NY, Columbus OH, Las Cruces NM, Placentia CA, Liberal MO, and El Segundo CA. Most were doing the complete Route 66 tour, or most of it. No motorcycles today, but one man was in a nifty and big RV.

Ron and I took a ride in the country yesterday, a non-Afton day. We found this barn overrun with vegetation and I couldn't resist a picture.

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