Sunday, June 13, 2010


No Afton Station today for me, and not much time for the blog, but I just want to post a few photos. After a quick tour of Bartlesville and a delicious lunch at the famous Murphy's Steak House there, it was off to the Tall Grass Prairie, my favorite place on earth. It was a good bison-watching day. A HUGE herd was in the road, so looking them right in the eye was no problem at all. We ended the day by visiting friends in Pawhuska.

Here's Ron M.'s houseguest Jack digging into the iconic "Hot Hamburger" at Murphy's. . . bread, beef, fries, topped with brown gravy. I'd never be brave enough to tackle that! None of the following pics were taken with a telephoto. That's how close our bison friends were today. Gentle animals, but WAAAAY big! They're losing their winter coats now, so they're looking pretty shabby, but the babies are cute. They'll get out of the road if you just drive very slowly and give them time. After all, it's their prairie, not ours.


DennyG said...

The 'burger at Murphy's shares some characteristics with those horse shoes and pony shoes found in Springfield, Illinois. Perhaps it was the buffalo shoe that started it all.

Beth said...

The buffalo are gorgeous! Their calves are adorable. Amazing that you can get that close to them.

Laurel said...

You may be right, although I thought it looked more like a steaming pile of buffalo dung! (Oh gee, now I've probably offended the entire city of Bartlesville...)

It's an amazing experience, to be sure!