Saturday, June 12, 2010

A visit from Jack

Our special guest at Afton Station today was Jack Fitzgerald, Ron M.'s friend from California who is staying with him for a while and spent all day with us today. Jack even got to do a little "work", since he's fluent in many languages and served as a translator for our guests from Bologna, Italy. Here's Jack (sitting) chatting with visitors from Italy.

And Ron took him for a ride in the '65 Chevy.
It was a busy morning, but there was a lull at noon so we were able to enjoy a nice lunch (we rarely have anything formal for lunch -- usually just some carrots and dip, but today I made sandwiches and deviled eggs) -- and then the number of people coming through the door increased in the afternoon. It was actually a pretty great day. Besides the aforementioned Italian gentlemen, we also had visitors from Elmont NY, Grapevine TX, Palm Springs CA, Parsons KS, Wichita KS, Sanamonville PA, Sarnia Ontario Canada, Anderson MO, and Langley, Vinita, Miami, and Choteau OK. Friend PJ from Miami, OK brought me a CD of photos he took of the putting up of the big DX sign last month. I will post some of them here another day.

Marly had an excellent day yesterday, too. He had visitors from Oak Hills CA, Chico CA, West Springfield MA, Chandler AZ, Houghton Lake MI, Springfield MO, Toronto Canada, Whiting KS, France, Ohio, New Mexico, England, and Missouri. Great work, Marly! He also beat our one-day record for sales!

Speaking of Marly, tomorrow I'll be taking my first day off for ages and Marly will be in charge all day at the Station. I'm leaving Afton Station in good hands. No, GREAT hands. Ron M., Jack, and I are going up to Pawhuska, Bartlesville, and the Tallgrass Prairie. Yippee! I don't know if I'll have a blog post tomorrow, but I'll be back on Tuesday.

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