Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interesting Afton Day

Burning propane, guests from far-away places, an enlightened piece of graffiti, and blackberries -- these were the highlights of a dramatic day at Afton Station -- or at least as dramatic as it tends to get around here.

First of all, there were 14 guests. They came from Chesnee SC, Inman SC, Richmond VA, Cushing OK, Grove OK, Zapata TX, Bartlesville OK, Bonn Germany, Alfter Germany, Moholh Sweden, and Johannesburg, South Africa. There were quite a few motorcycle visitors today, undoubtedly due to the absolutely gorgeous weather. All of our foreign visitors today were launching out on full Route 66 trips. We were thrilled to greet this adorable and vivacious young couple from Johannesburg, South Africa, who told us how they've been saving for years for this once-in-a-lifetime trip on motorcycles they rented in Chicago. They appeared to be having a wonderful time. I believe they're only the 2nd people from S. Africa we've ever greeted.

This is a neat 1936 Harley ridden here a fellow from Bartlesville, OK out for a pleasant spin.

Afton Station was a hive of activity today, with Marly, David, and Kenny working in the back (getting ready to pour the foundation for the new showroom!), and me in the company of Ron M., Tattoo Man, and Betty B. for all or parts of the day. Betty B. brought some more of those awesome blackberries and a sample of her boyfriend's smoked pork. Yum! Meanwhile, a burnoff of propane from a railroad car resulted in an "eternal flame" which burned all day across the street from the Station and will probably burn for several more days. And, on the way out of town, I was pleased to see this graffiti on a fence in town, perhaps a signal of open-mindedness having descended upon little Afton.
On the way home, Ron M. and I decided that this was one of those really good days.


Trevor Hilton said...

Tell that man from Bartlesville I'll trade my Sportster for that '36 Knucklehead.

Strange how some foreigners will save for their whole lives to come cruise 66. But, we Americans won't cruise it when it's right here in our backyard. (Sigh)

Laurel said...

That was a really nice bike, Trevor, but the man said the seat was pretty uncomfortable, so he only uses it for short rides.

I totally agree about foreigners appreciating Route 66 more than Americans. I see evidence of that every day.

Anonymous said...

Our new neighbors have a gorgeous Harley. Every time they fire it up, which is about three or four times a day, I have to suppress the temptation to go visit Larry and Pat....