Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pardon me while I catch my breath

Gee, today was kind of weird. As predicted, the nasty weather kept a lot of travelers from traveling, but it didn't stop all of the Afton Station "regulars" from dropping in. It was fun! Ron M. rode to Afton with me, and shortly after we arrived Tattoo Man, Betty W., Betty B., and Marly arrived. A bit later, Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker drove up. And everybody except Betty W. stayed all day. Party time! Betty B. brought a delicious rhubarb cobbler (haven't had rhubarb since I moved to OK, and now I remember how much I missed it!) and some perfectly gorgeous blackberries.

Ten guests included folks from Fredonia KS, Claremont CA, Bresco IL, Disney OK, and Budapest, Hungary. Since we have very few travelers from Hungary, it was a pleasure to see this handsome young couple enjoying the Route 66 experience. The fellow from Claremont, CA (on Route 66) was interested in locating a 1909 Hupmobile like his grandfather had, and I think I was able to help him with a few leads.

I've become a produce salesperson. David left 100 lb. of vidalia onions at the Station for me to sell. They're a fundraiser for the Shriner's Children's Hospital. Drop by Afton tomorrow and get 'em while they last!
John from the Town of Afton Public Works brought me another gem that he found right here in town. It's a church fan with a D-X advertisement and "The Ten Commandments for Safe Driving" on the back. He knows I'm happy to receive any D-X or Afton memorabilia.Here's the giant pinwheel that Ron M. bought for the OPEN sign!
I should also mention that Marly had ten visitors yesterday (Friday). They were from England, Wichita KS, and Schnectady, NY. I'm so grateful to Marly for staying open on the days I can't be at the Station, but since he can't be there every day, I continue to suggest a call a couple of days in advance if you plan to visit on a Mon., Wed., or Fri. 918-382-9465

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