Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Case of the Missing Motorcycles

Scary yet beautiful morning clouds

The much anticipated Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum Poker Run was called off at the very last minute due to some stubborn little rain events, but of course the moment it was postponed the rain stopped. We had arrived at Afton Station extra early because we were expecting the first riders to arrive slightly after 9 a.m. Ron M. got the cooler all set up with cold drinks for the riders. Then the Red Cross reps arrived to set up their table, followed shortly thereafter by Betty B. carrying a basket full of goodies, and then came Tattoo Man in his nifty '56 Chevy. We were all set up and ready to go when the call came that the Run was postponed until June. Oh well... we were determined to have a good day anyway, and we did! Betty B's cooler was chock full of yummy sandwiches, barbecued bologna snacks, her home made relish, and a box of her home made chocolate chip cookies. What could possibly be wrong with that???? Nothing!

Although we were disappointed about the cancellation of the Run, we had a very nice (albeit weird) day anyway. We had 24 guests. Six were from Afton, and that includes three little boys who stopped in on the way to go fishing down at the creek. Others hailed from Ft. Worth TX, St. Paul KS, Okmulgee OK, Baxter Springs KS, Fairfield AR, St. Louis MO, Canby OR, and Harlo, Netherlands. Our St. Louis visitor was our friend Jane Dippel, veteran Route 66 traveler who always stops in when she finds herself in Afton.
Jane chatting with Betty B.

A couple of the Afton visitors rode over on their vintage bicycles. The gentleman from the Netherlands wants to come back and bring his young son to see the cars. The two women from Canby, Oregon came in with David. When he introduced one of them I recognized her name. I'd heard about her way back over 40 years ago when David and I were dating. She was a high school friend of his, and she and her friend were visiting David on their way through Oklahoma. All this excitement, plus some great eats, made this a lovely day.


Big rainstorm over the Plains on our way home

We drove home through some major downpours, but I managed to get home in time to watch the KY Derby. Derby Day is always a wistful time for me, remembering the old days in Kentucky when we would either go to the Derby or, in some years, have a big party on that day. I miss it. It was a good, albeit muddy, race this year. Kudos to Calvin Burrell!

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