Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is the kind of day. . .

. . . that makes me wish I had loads and loads of time to blog about all the interesting people we met at Afton Station today. Unfortunately, as things go, it seems that the busier the day at the Station, the less time and energy I have in the evening to write about it. So please bear with me while I write somewhat hurriedly about a day that actually deserves rich and elegant language.

First the facts: Yesterday, Marly was at Afton Station all day and hosted 26 visitors from (according to his notes) Holland, St. Petersburg FL, Illinois, Tulsa OK, Kingman AZ, Los Angeles CA, Ontario Canada, and Sherman, TX. A big day for him to be all alone at the Station. I'm eternally grateful for his constant help!

Today, Ron M., Tattoo Man, Marly, and I met and greeted a whopping 36 people! They came from Evergreen CO, Sidney MT, Berlin Germany, Newport Beach CA, Davenport IA, San Jose CA, Belfast Northern Ireland, Kingman AZ, France, Albuquerque NM, Pasadena CA, and Afton, Miami, and Broken Arrow, OK. Betty W. also stopped by with some beautiful roses!

Among that auspicious crowd was Bill Wright, the former Mayor of Afton (in the 1970s) who had some interesting stories to tell, Jim Hinckley, author friend from Kingman, AZ who is traveling and doing research for his upcoming book about the ghost towns on Route 66, a 90-year-old man from Albuquerque, NM who is back in town for his Afton High School reunion, a professional photographer from Newport Beach, CA who spent a great deal of time photographing every nook and cranny of the Station and (almost!) every nook and cranny of Tattoo Man's tattooed body, our first visitors from Belfast, N. Ireland, a group of 8 folks from various parts of France on motorcycles and a car, postcard collectors from Berlin, Germany, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. It seemed like today everyone had a story to tell, and there were NO stories that weren't interesting.

Here are a few photos:
Photographer Linda Berman from California talking to Tattoo Man

This gentleman from San Jose, CA sat in the Model A. Thanks to Marly and Ron M., we put three cars outside today and I believe this helped attract many of our guests.

The man from San Jose arrived in this groooovy VW Bus. I want it!

I worked on getting in the patriotic Memorial Day spirit. Gorgeous roses provided by Betty W.And to top it all off, a snake attempted to escape from the snake box, creating pandemonium and mayhem. (Just kidding. . . he's rubber.)

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