Sunday, May 23, 2010

Take a seat?

Just another colorful addition to the Afton landscape. Anybody need a three-legged yellow chair? If so, I know where to find one, and get it absolutely free! :-)

My voice is fine this morning, and so far Afton Station has been a lot less crazy than yesterday. Then again, it's only 10:15. I've had four visitors so far.

I came disturbingly close, not once but TWICE, to hitting deer on the way to Afton today. One was east of Vinita and one was west of Vinita. Both ran out in front of my car, but not so close that I couldn't stop. It must be mating season. There are a ton of terrapins crossing the road now too, so extra caution is required.

I'm home now and rushing, since Gordo the Photographer and his friend are due here soon. Gordo is taking his 3rd Route 66 trip this year, and his art cards are selling well.

Today was the antithesis of yesterday at the Station. There were only 10 visitors all day, and they originated from Edwardsville and Naperville, IL and McAlester, Grove, and Chelsea, OK. Very quiet and relaxing, with some good conversation with interesting folks.

Betty came for a visit and brought some lovely roses, as well as the copy of an email from a relative of hers who is an expert in genealogy. Betty had asked her to trace my mother's family (name of Brown) to see if Betty and I might be related, since she comes from Browns, too. Well, her relative found SO much about my family, things I'd never been able to find myself. I'm so grateful. More about this tomorrow.

I took this quick pic of the Little Tin Barn on Route 66 in Chelsea this morning. A neat place to buy metal art, junk, and treasures of all kinds.


Trevor Hilton said...

Actually, deer mating season, also known as "The Rut", is in fall. That's when deer hunting season is, too.
Glad you didn't hit one. I hit one in my Silverado once and did $1500 worth of damage to it.

SKIZO said...

In your honour and in the honour of wall the Photographers, I published an ilustration.

Laurel said...

Trevor, I realized that about the deer rutting season coming in the Fall, after it was too late to take back what I said. LOL! I guess the deer that jumped out in front of me were just enjoying the spring weather! When I lived in CT, there were so many deer that I'm surprised I never hit one. The town even put up a Deer Crossing sign in our yard!

Ron McCoy said...

Geesh, what with that beautiful chair AND the pink bathtub in front of Bassett's Gro., one could soon completely decorate a double-wide!

Laurel said...

Yes, throw in a cowhide and a sheepskin and you've got your whole home decorated from Afton streets!