Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quality over quantity

A day like today at Afton Station proves that greeting big numbers of visitors isn't necessarily as exciting as having quality time with just a few interesting visitors. Today, for example, we had only 7 guests, and yet the day flew by and Ron M. and I were never bored. We combatted the morning slowness by getting out my laptop computer and the flash drive that holds the photos for the slide show and working with them a bit. After that, we played with my new badge maker and experimented with it for a while. By that time, the first visitors arrived, a most interesting couple from Huntington Beach, CA who thoroughly tour one state each year. Lucky for us, this year it's Oklahoma, and they're taking several weeks to explore every nook and cranny. They think OK is the 25th state that's enjoyed their scrutiny. It sounds like a fun way to travel.

Shortly thereafter, an absolutely fascinating woman from Anchorage, AK arrived in her camper trailer pulling a car. Kathy Jo has been on the road alone for over 2 1/2 months, having begun in Anchorage and touring Canada and the West before hitching up with Route 66 in California. She's quite a remarkable lady, retired from the military and then the postal service and now a jewelry maker and glass artist. In the whole time she's been on the road, she's only stayed in a motel two nights. Ron quizzed her about driving in Alaska, since he wants to do so on a future vacation. Kathy Jo wants to get a job as a long haul trucker when she completes this trip (she already has her license) and would even consider becoming an ice road trucker. Yikes! She gave us gifts (chocolate eggs and a jar of her own Alaska smoked salmon!) before she went on her way.
Kathy Jo

Next came Eric Jones, a fellow from Tulsa who's a part of the Route 66 community, and since he reads this blog and is one of my Facebook Friends I've communicated with him for quite a while but never met him in person. He arrived on his gorgeous red Gull Wing trike and was able to stay for quite a while before heading up to Miami for lunch. Eric was on the Run for the Relay last year, a group of bikers who went from Chicago to L.A. but were not able to stop at Afton Station. He's going with them again this year and as of now, I think they'll be stopping at the Station this time.


A trucker from Ft. Smith, AR came in to see if we wanted to buy his 1953 Hudson Super Jet. Although I'm not sure we're interested in that, once he got here he decided to take a look at the cars and was very impressed. Anyone need a Hudson in great condition? Let me know.

Our final visitors were a couple from Northumberland in the U.K. They, too, are doing the total Route 66 trip The husband won my heart when he mistook my Chrysler 300 (parked in the driveway) for a Bentley!! The reason I bought the 300 is because Bentleys are my favorite car and they really DO resemble them, but I never thought it could fool an Englishman! Made my day!

Finally, here's the picture of the day. It's the old abandoned grain warehouse (and maybe mill) in White Oak. The name on the building is the only way one can tell they're in White Oak. There's not a lot left there.


Ken Riches said...

Not sure I would want to be an Ice Road Driver, but I do do the winter drive thing. Glad you had a good drive.

Bill and Karen said...

Hi Laurel, Did Kathy Jo happen to mention if she has a blog? That would be a blog worth following (after I read yours of course)

Beth said...

Sounds like some fantastic visitors! I'm glad it was such a good day. By the way, I got your comment on my blog, so I hope that the problem is resolved. :) Beth

Laurel said...

Bill - No, Kathy Jo doesn't have a blog. I told her the same thing -- she needs one! She travels with a computer, so maybe she'll start.

Beth - Yes, I had no problem commenting on your blog this time.

Trevor Hilton said...

Touring one state per year. That sounds like fun to me. Some large states, like Texas, might actually need for than a year to see.

But (sigh) I need to get back to work now.