Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In a fog

It was a little too quiet this morning at Afton Station, and I confess that it kind of creeped me out for the first time. For one thing, it was dark, drizzly, and wet (what else is new?) but today, add heavy fog to the picture. I've just about had it with this lack of sunshine! Also, it was eerily quiet in the town of Afton. For the first hour or so, all I saw were the usual stray dogs. Then, this turned out to be one of those days when the patients from the mental health day center behind the Station were out and about in pretty big numbers. Generally they just walk around the block, or dig through my outdoor butt can to find used cigarette butts (ugh!). Only occasionally will a person come in to see if I have any cigarettes (used or otherwise). I don't. But today, one guy spent over an hour walking around in small circles right in front of the Station. Yes, it's sad, and it really got to me.

My first guests didn't arrive until almost noon, a lovely couple originally from Texas who have lived in their very large travel trailer for over two years. They were on their way to Milwaukee, then up to Calgary for the Calgary Stampede. They have no particular timetable... and I'm jealous!

They weren't the only full-timers who visited today. Two women, originally from S. Dakota, who live and work out of their motor home visited later. They were in the Afton area hoping to do some kayaking but have been met with constant rain, so decided to do a little exploring of Route 66 in the area. They were a delightful pair and I enjoyed talking to them. Other visitors today were two guys from Tulsa and two guys from Wichita, KS who were the "advance party" for the Wichita Model A Club which will be visiting us on Sun. May 24th. They will have about 25 Model As at our place, which will be very exciting. They want someone to give them a little talk on auto restoration while they're there, so I sure hope David can be on the scene. That certainly isn't my main field of expertise!

Now, here are three pictures I took on my foggy drive to Afton this morning. Those are mules taking a rest in a field. The little building is an Amish bakery just outside of Claremore.


Beth said...

Whenever I encounter such a dense fog, it always makes me think of the Stephen King story "The Mist." Not a good thing to think of...!

Trevor Hilton said...

The mules, the fog-shrouded highway, the little store.

You have a way of noticing the little things I missed when I cruised 66 up there.

I need to go back so I can see them!

Laurel said...

Thanks, Trevor! Glad you like my photos and I hope you get to see all this stuff for yourself soon!

Anonymous said...
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